Sunday, September 29, 2013

South Carolina Summer

This summer we had a fantastic family vacation with NeeNee, Pops, & Uncle G in Folly Beach, SC.  We woke up every morning, had breakfast, the boys put up our tent & we spent the week on the beach.  It was fantastic.  

The night before we left. In the pool with Uncle G. 

On our way to the airport.  You weren't very happy, but stylish!

Brady (2 months) slept most of the time in the airport & on the plane! 

We spent Father's Day here.  Your dad & Pops loved being able to spend all day with yall.  Emma, you were so fun.  You ran & swam & bossed Uncle G, Daddy & Pops around.  They would work for hours to build you a sand castle & you would knock it down...then laugh hysterically!  

This was right before you knock this awesome sand castle down.  

Brady, you were pretty easy this trip.  You slept a lot, but you also went through a horrible growth spurt.  You were fussy & slept a lot during the day, but not so much at night.

This was a fun little photo shoot we had....Brady, you hated it & Em, you just wanted your sno cone back! haha!  Your faces are priceless!

We also went the the South Carolina Aquarium. The car ride to & from there wasn't fun.  Both of you screamed the entire ride both ways.  I'm not sure why.  You were both thankful to be out of our sweet rental van.  Overall, it was a very fun morning.

It was a great vacation as a family of 4.  There were tons of memories made & it was a trip that I will never forget.